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Newspaper Toolbox team member Marc Noel Ouellette Newspaper Toolbox team member Marie-Josée Brillon Newspaper Toolbox team member Susie Slifer
Marc-Noël Ouellette
Marie-Josée Brillon
Susie Slifer

Marc-Noël Ouellette began his career as a reporter for weekly newspapers in New Brunswick, Canada, and went on to co-launch and manage various publications and marketing departments in Eastern Canada, Ottawa, and Montreal. In 1996, Marc-Noël joined Transcontinental Media to run its new division of weeklies. Under his guidance, the division grew to include 66 publications and 800 employees. He later was a key player in the launch of Metro, a major free daily in Montreal. In 2008, Marc-Noël was named chief vice-president for Transcontinental’s local solutions group, which owned 11 dailies, over 150 weeklies, numerous numeric platforms, and Publisac, a nationwide flyer distribution company. Marc-Noël has also launched several web solutions ( and the sales management platform, Arsenal).

Throughout his career, Marc-Noël has been an active presence in the newspaper industry, occupying key roles within media associations, national advertising networks, and serving as board member of the Canadian Press and ComBase and as a member of RecycleMedia and a literacy foundation.


Marie-Josée has over 30 years of experience in the newspaper industry. She first fell in love with the field while working part time at a local weekly newspaper during her graphic design studies. Once she graduated, she was hired at the same paper as a full-time layout designer.

After working for a few years as a commercial graphic design, Marie-Josée returned to weekly publishing and joined Newspaper Toolbox in 1998. Once on board, she took on the task of modernizing the products offered and creating new ones. Her innovative spirit and understanding of the industry quickly made her a key player in the business.

Every day, Marie-Josée strives to share her ideas and vision with her team in order to continually improve the products and services offered by Newspaper Toolbox. Working alongside the different departments in the company, she has one objective: to improve our existing products and tools and create new ones in order to meet the needs of our present and future clients.


Susie Slifer has been in the sales industry for over 20 years. She began her advertising career in Maryland, at a local newspaper that subscribed to the Newspaper Toolbox service. Given the task of bringing in new business, Susie generated tens of thousands of dollars in just a few months by selling signature pages from Toolbox. Susie’s experience on both sides of Toolbox—as a subscriber and as a staffer—make her “knock-your-socks-off” customer service approach a valuable asset to all our clients.

A part of the Toolbox team since September 2012, Susie reaches out to newspapers all over the U.S. to share with them how Toolbox can help their sales teams boost their revenue and obtain new business. Susie is able to provide tours of our website to decision makers at other publications, train sales teams on how to use Toolbox to their advantage, and shed light on best practices.