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Our clients include valued newspapers from these fine newspaper groups

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Client testimonials


I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how we are doing out of the gate with Newspaper Toolbox.

We ran our first initiative on September 30. This gave us time to discuss this initiative with our sales reps, align with our print schedule and not to be too pressed for sales time.

So far, after 11 days and 3 initiatives (Fall Car Care Month, Mental Health Day and World Smile Day), we’ve netted $3,188!!!

I’ve attached examples!

Thanks for bringing Toolbox our way!

Pete Barend, General Manager

* To see the above-mentioned initiatives, visit

Newspaper Toolbox is an incredible resource that we consistently use to generate new revenue. The content is always relevant, and we have the flexibility to tailor our “sections” and “featured pages” to complement our advertising. These specialty products can be formatted to complete pull-out sections, or special pages depending on our formatting, and tend to generate greater response to advertising, and a much better client experience for our advertisers. Our creative team loves the ability to find ideal cover artwork for each project; the stock of graphics and photos is an enormous asset.

"Better Living for a Healthy You" is a special section we publish twice a year and it consistently generates revenue between $18,000 and $29,000 annually.

Here’s some information that will hopefully be helpful: We sell ads and then select the content. This increases knowing that we have the flexibility to choose and use Newspaper Toolbox content to complement the advertisers that we target. This strategy also allows us to attract non-traditional and new advertisers. Our “section” runs as a printed piece and also appears on our website in a digital format.

Susan E. Sprano, Advertising Director

* To see the special section created by the Republican-American, visit

Hi, Susie! First, we LOVE Newspaper Toolbox. It is my go-to site for fun, creative content. We use it to supplement special sections or for specialty pages when we need a sales boost.

Our “Taste of Fall” page generated about $600 and sold out in one afternoon.

Our “Storytime with The Daily Star” series makes us $999 every holiday season. A local car dealership sponsors it every year.

We have endless examples of how Newspaper Toolbox has helped generate new revenue and break into new businesses.

Well worth every penny.

Valerie Secor, General Manager and Advertising Director
The Daily Star

Coming up with new ways to generate revenue can be tricky! When I am searching for inspiration, or need editorial content to sell sponsorships around, Newspaper Toolbox is the first place I go. There are so many ideas that I can use exactly as provided, or tweak to fit my market or needs of my client. I am very thankful for this service!

Deanna Tarnes, Publisher/Sales Manager
Estevan Mercury

Newspaper Toolbox has made the task of running special supplements simple. We need good quality material to make the supplements click and Newspaper Toolbox delivers in a way that works for our staff and our advertisers. The return on investment is amazing.

Pat Desmond, Publisher
Milton Times

A long partnership!

I have been using the Newspaper Toolbox service since 2001. Back then, I had subscribed the newspapers that made up the Madison Publishing Group in BC because I truly saw the value in Toolbox and I needed help to boost our sales. Over the past 12 years, as Glacier Media has grown and made numerous acquisitions, Newspaper Toolbox continues to be the perfect partner to help grow sales and increase the bottom line for our newspapers.

Peter Kvarnstrom, President
Community Media, Galcier Media Group, Canada

Partnering with Newspaper Toolbox has been a great move for us! In just a few short months, we’ve already seen over $10,000 in extra sales, and best of all, most were to new customers!

Our team is excited to use the user-friendly website to get ideas, and we love our brainstorming sessions with the printed book from Newspaper Toolbox. Great ideas + great sales team = super results!

Here’s a rundown of what we have sold so far:

• Spring Bridal: $1,350
• Employment Guide: $1,900
• Truck Driver Appreciation Week: $2,288
• Don’t drink and drive: $500
• Attorney’s Guide: $2,600
• Halloween Safety Tips: $1,380

Thanks Newspaper Toolbox – we love partnering with you for more sales!

Sandra Hurley, Regional Publisher
Mount Airy News Group, Mount Airy, NC

* To view the pages and sections mentioned above, visit

We estimate that 10 to 15 per cent of our local sales are the result of Toolbox’s ideas, content and design concepts. It’s an absolute gold mine!

Philippe Clair
Les Versants, Saint-Bruno Le Journal de Chambly

I would highly recommend that all newspapers, large and small, take the Newspaper Toolbox tour. My first thought was, “I’m afraid of how much this is going to cost.” But other suppliers in the industry charge much more and yet you just get bland ads; there’s nothing searchable like yours. To be honest, being able to just go to your website — search, download, and away you go — is much easier than flipping through months’ worth of books.

My typesetter recently took 45 minutes to search for graphics with our old supplier. I came back into the office where we opened Toolbox, searched in “financial,” and BAM! There was the ad of my dreams, all laid out. I downloaded it, opened the file, and started typing. What normally would have taken from one to one-and-a-half hours from search to finalized ad now took about 20 minutes. I LOVE TOOLBOX and this is only my first day using it. Thank you so much for contacting me. I am extremely excited about the huge potential I see from this partnership.

Carol Webster, Pulisher
Grizzly Gazette, Swan Hills, Alberta

In addition to reducing our expenditures by providing quality content and graphic design, Newspaper Toolbox generates huge revenue for us with their repertoire of ideas and concepts. Not a week goes by where we don’t use their service!

Josée-Anne Fiset
Courrier de Portneuf

Hello! Just wanted to share with you our first success story from the Toolbox. This was sold by a relatively new sales team at our Salisbury, Maryland publication which just started publishing on May 14.

It took them only 2 ½ days to sell this with $1,295 of incremental income. Nice! Thanks again!

Heather Cregar, Promotions Manager
Delaware State News, Independent Newsmedia Inc.

My first attempt to sell using Newspaper Toolbox was a great success! Right out of the box, I closed on a $4,630.00 sale. I’d say that more than covers our Newspaper Toolbox investment.

It was a good decision to partner up with Newspaper Toolbox. I like the ease of use and the variety provided. Our staff is working on a slew of spec ads as I type this.

Steve Greenberg, Vice President & General Manager
You Are Current, IN

I have attached the last 3 pages that we have done.

We ran Prepare your Swing and Spring Cleaning in March, and Oral Health Month this week (all attached).

We are currently selling the Caring for Aging Parents to run next week. My first design for it was based on what you had in the January / February book, page 42 — just redesigned to fit 2 full broadsheet pages. The response has been so fantastic. We are now designing additional pages to go with the other 2 because we have more demand than what will fit on 2 pages.

We have used several ideas of yours. We started the service three months ago and absolutely love it. Thank you.

Elizabeth Willimans
Crossville Chronicle, TN, CNHI

Toolbox is a very helpful resource. There are good ideas, and being able to access the creative stuff allows more time for selling!

Rebecca Gicante
The Standard, St. Catharines, ON

You publish a product I personally find invaluable to our community newspaper business.

Ron Pilger, Publisher
Camrose Booster, Camrose, AB

This is the first issue of our new monthly, On the River. You’ll see some of your stuff here, but we have lots more sold for upcoming projects (over $5,000 in church services from your November issue). There is about $7,500 in this issue!

Bill MacIntosh, Advertising Manager
The Miramichi Leader

We absolutely love your product and we use it regularly. Your promotional ideas are great and we thank you.

The advertising department
Williams Lake Tribune, Williams Lake, BC

We took the Guess Who They Were idea from the Ideas Worth Sharing section of your website and sold two pages of advertising. It went over really well, and we more than paid our yearly subscription to your service with just one idea!

Frank McTighe, Publisher
Fort Macleod Gazette, Nanton, Alberta

We have had and continue to have so many uses for Newspaper Toolbox. We recently pulled the content for October is National Bullying Prevention Month to publish a sponsored community awareness page. This page generated $1,300 in advertising revenue and was sold in just under an hour. We paid for the entire year’s subscription using this tool twice over in the first sponsored page we used.

We are happy to have found Newspaper Toolbox and view it as a vital tool in reaching our revenue goals.

Valerie Secor, Advertising Director
The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY

In early September, I knew that we were going to be down in revenue based on prior year sales due to a couple larger accounts that we were not getting back. I knew that there were many businesses in our communities looking for help and after talking with my sales staff, we decided we would try to sell a special employment section. I went on Newspaper Toolbox and found the “Aim for the job of your dreams” layout and we worked off of that. We wanted to produce a 6 page 3rd section of the paper but if we didn’t fill up the 6 pages, we were prepared to run it in 4 pages. With our time frame, we had about 3 weeks to sell this product.

On deadline day, we not only filled the 6 pages, we oversold and had to make some of the editorial photos smaller to accommodate the ads. This product brought in over $14,600 in ad revenue.

Thank you so much for having these ideas on your website!

Missy Feiler, Sales Manager
Hometown News, Sun Prairie, WI

[...] we pilfered Missy Feiler's [Hometown News Sales Manager] idea and did it for the Daily Union as well, and produced a 6-page broadsheet section with more than $7,000 in revenue. So in total, this promotion brought in more than $22,000 in recruitment/employment advertising revenue for our company. A real success story you can share with other papers and your company.

Robb Grindstaff, General Manager
Daily Jefferson County Union/ Hometown News Limited Partnership

Sales are a challenge in our industry, but thanks to Newspaper Toolbox, we manage to publish hundreds of pages of local advertising every year. This service is essential to our financial viability.

Benoit Chartier
Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe, DBC Communications