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How can I subscribe our newspaper to your service?
SimplySimply call 1-877-444-4034 or e-mail us at and a customer service representative will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Is your service Canadian or American?
We produce a Newspaper Toolbox for both Canadian and American newspapers. Although the texts appearing in the PDFs and the reference books feature Canadian spelling, the American versions are available in the page folder. Please note that American-English versions exist for all texts dated after January 2012. We also offer uniquely American concept pages in every issue.

Do I need to commit to your service for a specific length of time?
The Newspaper Toolbox subscription agreement is for a period of one year.

What software do you use to create your page layouts?
All of our page layouts are created using the latest version of Adobe InDesign. Alternate files, compatible with older versions of InDesign (CS4 to CC2018), are supplied in each page folder in addition to the original CC file.

I work with an older version of InDesign. Can I use your new material?
Yes. In addition to the original CC file, page layouts are supplied in an alternate format (.idml) compatible with older versions of InDesign. (This applies to all material published in January 2017 and later.)

If you use InDesign CS4 to CC2017, choose the .idml file

I work with QuarkXPress. Can I use your new material?
Following our design team’s recent transition from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign, layouts published after December 2016 will no longer be supplied as QuarkXPress files. (All older files will remain available in their original QuarkXPress format.)

If you wish to continue using QuarkXPress, you can purchase a tool called ID2Q to convert InDesign files into a supported format. See the developer’s website for details:

What software did you use before January 2017?
Material published between March 2010 and December 2016 was created using:

QuarkXPress 7.6 (files saved as version 6)
Adobe Illustrator 13.0.2 (files saved as version 8)
Adobe Photoshop 10.0.1 (files saved as .jpeg)

Material published before March 2010 was created using:

QuarkXPress 4.1
Adobe Illustrator 6.0
Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Is your older material compatible with QuarkXPress?
Yes. Material published prior to January 2017 was originally created in QuarkXPress and is compatible with Mac and PC versions of the Quark software. (InDesign-compatible adaptations are also supplied in the page folder.)

Is your older material compatible with Adobe InDesign?
Yes. While layouts published prior to January 2017 were originally created and exported using QuarkXPress, an alternate version suitable for use in Adobe InDesign (exported from InDesign CS3) is supplied in each page folder. Note that because Adobe and Quark products handle text differently, slight visual discrepancies can occur during the conversion process. IMPORTANT NOTE: All Newspaper Toolbox layouts published prior to 2012 do not contain InDesign versions in the page folder.

How do I download a page layout?
Once you’ve located the page layout you’d like to work with on the search results page, click the red download icon. Your download will start automatically. Once it’s complete, you’ll find a folder (.zip archive) containing all of the elements needed to recreate the desired layout in your computer’s default download location.

Can I adjust the size of your page layouts to fit my newspaper?
Yes. The exact size of our page layouts is 10 ¼ " w x 13 ¾" h. All of our page layouts can easily be resized to fit your paper’s measurements. Each individual element used to create a given layout (e.g. text, fonts, and images) is exported as a separate file; all you need to do is assemble the parts found in the page folder according to your needs.

Can I download the font used in a page heading?
For material originally published after September 2015, yes. Each page folder contains the typeface that was used to create that page’s headings. In addition, we create an outline of each heading in Illustrator and include the resulting image in the page folder to ensure compatibility across all platforms. As for material dated before September 2015, heading fonts are not supplied for download but are listed by name should you wish to download them from a third-party site.

Can I download the font used for non-heading text?
Other text (e.g. article copy) is formatted with standard Mac OS system fonts, which are not included in our page folders. These fonts are pre-installed on all Mac computers; Windows users may need to substitute some of them with a similar style that’s compatible with their operating system. In rare cases where a non-standard typeface is used elsewhere than the heading, that font will be included in the page folder for download.

Can I use the pictures found in your layouts to build ads for my papers?
Most pictures found in our layouts can be used; however, there are very important restrictions. Please read on to find out what they are. Pictures with photo credits from fashion designers are to be used only with the texts they were intended to accompany. The pictures used in the mock ads of our pages are for illustration purposes only and may not be reproduced in your pages. In fact, they only appear in the PDFs or the printed versions of pages and are not available in the page folders. We include them in the layout solely to show you what the page could look like with ads. They appear for illustration purposes only and cannot be published. Any picture taken from our layouts must be accompanied by a photo credit.

What are the dots per inch (DPI) of the images Newspaper Toolbox places in the downloadable folders?
The photos for the texts are 8 inches and have a resolution of 200 dpi. However, background images and headers are bigger (10.25 inches for a single page and 21 inches for the spreads).

I’m looking for the PSD layers for a specific page; where can I find them?
If you need the PSD layers for a given page, send us an email at We’ll send you the file via email or WeTransfer, depending on the size.

How do you establish your rate?
Rates are established by a newspaper’s circulation.

I’m part of a newspaper association; can you give me a discounted rate?
We offer a discount to newspapers that are members of Page Cooperative. To see if a discount is available for your group, please contact the head office at 1-877-444-4034.

If I don’t want to receive a reference book, can you reduce my subscription fee?
The fee we charge on a monthly basis is for the rights to our services and not for the reference books. Declining to receive the reference books will not change the subscription fee. In fact, we strongly suggest that each newspaper receive the Newspaper Toolbox reference books, as they are a great visual and practical resource.

I would like to use only one of your services; is it possible to do that?
Newspaper Toolbox offers a wide array of services, all of which come with a subscription. We do not separate our services at the moment.

I’m part of a large newspaper group. Do you offer corporate rates or volume discounts?
Yes, corporate rates are available for small or large groups.

Can you offer me a free trial period?
Free trial periods are not available; however, we will be happy to offer you one or two complimentary layouts that you can sell to your advertisers.

Do you offer territory exclusivity?
Since territories are difficult to establish, we do not offer territory exclusivity.

Can I change some things in your pages or do I need to use them “as is”?
The layouts, photos, and texts can be changed and adapted to suit your needs and your market. There is one restriction: fashion photos with designer photo credits cannot be changed or used for any other purpose than that for which they were intended in the Newspaper Toolbox.

Is your service better for inside-sales people or for display ad sales people?
Our service is perfect for both inside-sales people and retail sales people. Since the layouts can be changed and adapted for your needs, you can choose to sell small or large ads.

I noticed that the texts in your layouts use Canadian spelling. Where can I get the American versions of these texts?
The texts found in the PDFs on our website, as well as those in the Newspaper Toolbox reference books use Canadian spelling unless they are identified otherwise. Americanized versions of our articles are included in the online page folder when necessary. Documents are identified as follows: TITLE_US.rtf

Some of the contests you have are made for larger markets. Do you have any for smaller markets?
The contests, as well as all the layouts offered by the Newspaper Toolbox service, are designed to be easily adaptable to your market and your needs.

I’m a smaller newspaper; how can your service work for me?
The Newspaper Toolbox service is great for any size newspaper. If you have a smaller market, you can adapt and use our concept pages to suit your needs. Furthermore, you can use our editorial texts as the perfect filler for your pages.

Can I pay my Newspaper Toolbox invoices using a credit or debit card?
Yes. Simply go to the PAYMENT page on the Newspaper Toolbox website. See this PDF for complete step-by-step instructions.