Frequently Asked Questions and answers from our production department
1. How can we subscribe to your service?

Simply call 1-877-444-4034 and a customer service representative will be pleased to answer all your questions.

2.What software do you use to create your page layouts?


IMPORTANT NOTE: Concept pages on our website that date prior to March 2010 were created using QuarkXPress 4.1, Adobe Illustrator 6.0, and Photoshop 5.5.

Our photos are saved in Photoshop in jpg format (.jpg)
Our headlines are created and saved in Adobe Illustrator (.eps)
Our texts are saved in Word as “rich text format” (.rtf)
Our page layouts are created in QuarkXPress in colour/color and B&W versions (.qxd)
InDesign layouts of our pages are available in colour/color and B&W versions (.inx)*

If you use different software for the layout of your pages, such as PageMaker, you can easily recreate
the layout of our pages with the elements that we have made available to you in each page folder.

It is not possible to achieve a 100% conversion of our layouts due to the fact that QuarkXPress and InDesign handle text in different ways.

We use the ADOBE INDESIGN CS3 (5.0.) version: we save our exported files in an “InDesign InterChange” format which will give you a file with the extension “.inx”. It can be opened with the CS3, CS4, and CS5 versions only. Note that users who work with the CS1 and CS2 versions will need to rebuild the pages with the elements found in the page folder.

3. How do I download a page ?

Once you have selected the page of your choice, click on the MAC or WINDOWS button, depending on the platform you use. The document will automatically download to your desktop. Double-click the document to uncompress the page. The file includes the QuarkXPress layout, the InDesign layout, as well as all the elements that were used to build the page: pictures; headlines; illustrations; and text files.

4. What is the size of your page layouts? Can I adapt the layouts to fit the size of my paper?

The exact size of our page layouts is 10 ¼’’ x 13 ¾ ’’.You can easily adjust the size of our layouts to fit the size of your newspaper because the elements that are used to create the pages are saved individually and then assembled in QuarkXPress or InDesign. This makes it easy for your production department to adjust the layouts to suit your needs.

5. Are the fonts you use in your pages included in the downloadable files?

The fonts are not included in our page folders. The fonts used in our layouts are standard fonts such as Helvetica, Frutiger, Times, and others.

The headlines we create are saved in Illustrator (create outlines) and are compatible with MAC and WINDOWS platforms. The fonts used to create the headlines are not available in the page folder, as they are too large to download.

If you decide to change the existing headline in Illustrator, you can easily access the font available for MAC users. The name of the font appears at the bottom of each file to make the search for the font easier.

If you decide to change the existing headline in Illustrator, note that the fonts may vary. MAC and Windows platforms have different fonts, so you will need to change the fonts to one available in Windows.

6. Can I use the pictures found in the concepts to build ads for my paper?

Pictures with photo credits, such as fashion photos, are to be used only with the texts they were intended to accompany. The pictures used in the mock ads of our pages are for illustration purposes only and may not be reproduced in your pages. In fact, they only appear in the PDFs or the printed versions of pages and are not available in the page folders. We include them in the layout solely to show you what the page could look like with ads. They appear for illustration purposes only and cannot be published.